The Minds Behind The Gift

Tired of the over-caffeinated, unhealthy, and sugary beverages available on the market that boost your energy but deplete the rest of your body, a group of friends came together to seek natural alternatives that would support them as they strived to experience life to the fullest.

Humbled by the power of shifting over to healthier choices and the benefits of a balanced lifestyle, our team embarked on a journey to share the realizations and remedies they had discovered with the world. They work alongside Dr. Scott Treadway, a master herbalist who specializes in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine and has been practicing for almost 40 years. Together they are working to craft unique supplements based on pure, natural, and potent ingredients that support stress relief, optimal performance, and personal expansion aligned with the demands of modern lifestyles.

The team consists of a diverse group of wellness advocates, parents, athletes, nerds, adventurers, gamers, seekers, world-changers, and Neurohackers and they intend to connect with a customer base that is just as multidimensional as they are.

At the end of the day, we could all do with using a higher percentage of our brain and they’re on a mission to empower people from all over the world to do just that.

Nature’s Nourishment

To truly thrive in the modern world, we have to tap into the power of Mother Nature. This is the mantra of our brand and we honor the health that our earth so effortlessly offers.

By fueling your immunity with medicine found in the forests, you are inviting the most nutritionally dense foods available into your system. Our number one priority is ethically sourcing the highest quality ingredients we can find and using natural extraction techniques to create a full-spectrum extract.

The result is a deeply nourishing raw remedy that has maximum potency and is 100% pure.  Our first product, Vida Aura, is a completely naturally occurring energy elixir and nootropic formula that is designed to elevate your intellectual integration, enhance your mental acuity, and amplify your ability to tap into your own inspirational prodigy. 

It provides exponential performance boosts with 100% natural caffeine from wild-harvested nootropics. The ingredients are a cognitive cure for thought and memory clarity along with functional adaptogens that equip your body to release stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle in the face of modern-world demands.

Achieving true health and happiness is a process that requires accessibility, perseverance, and consistency. We’re here to support and guide you with natural tools that allow you to uncover your innate potential and discover ultimate overall wellbeing.